Babyliss PRO Dryer / White

Babyliss PRO Dryer / White


Introducing the Babyliss PRO hair dryer, a high power professional dryers available from James White.

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The 2100w dryer with a long–life AC motor features an extra powerful, penetrating airflow (120m3/h) for high–speed drying.

Advanced ionic conditioning produces over 50%* more frizz–controlling ions to neutralise static charge, smoothing the scales on the hair cuticle for visibly smoother, extra shiny and more manageable results.

*Versus the best-selling Babyliss PRO AC dryer.

  • 2100W long–life AC motor
  • 6 heat speeds – ultimate drying and styling control
  • Advanced ionic conditioning – 50% more ions for an extra smooth finish
  • Power airflow – 120m3/h for high speed drying.