— Biography —

Over the past few years I’m humbled to have become one of the UK’s must-have wedding hairstylists.  I’ve been lucky to attract sophisticated and discerning clients who understand style and appreciate my eye, vision and ability to conjure up signature hairstyles.

It’s been a privilege to contribute to photo shoots and fashion shows: fertile, environments where ideas can play off one another and provide further inspiration. My work my inspiration my inspiration my work.

It takes me worldwide from private studios to seminars for products and session styling.

Over the past 8 years I’ve worked hard to evolve what was the bridal hair industry and was amazed and thrilled to win the title “Wedding Hairdresser of the Year 2012” at the Wedding Industry Awards. In 2014, I became a judge for the Wedding Industry Awards, a role that I am extremely proud of.  

I believe hairstyles should be refined and enjoy a non-compromising attention to detail to create quality. My work is to the highest standard, customer service included, and I deliver every time. My style is Unique, Simple Yet Timeless My style is Unique, Simple, Yet Timeless